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 [LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc

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[LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc Empty
PostSubject: [LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc   [LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc Icon_minitimeSat Dec 01, 2007 5:22 pm

Library Files
in order to fix this problem, you'll need to set up and register the library file.

Sometimes Library files is temporarily unavailable, you can Google those files.

Files Glogics

China Glogic - the unedited china glogic
PkRAn's Glogic - pkran's glogic

Ran Editors

QuestEdit.rar - FileFront.com
ItemEditor.rar - FileFront.com
MobNPCedit.rar - FileFront.com
SkillEdit.rar - FileFront.com
Editable Glogic Files
Editables.rar - FileFront.com

You need to extract all files:

* glogic.rcc - extract it to your C:\RanServer\data\glogic\
* npctalk.rcc - extract it to your C:\RansServer\data\glogic\npctalk
* quest.rcc - extract it to your C:\RansServer\data\glogic\ques

This are the editable files using this editors:

* item.isf - Item Editor
[LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc Itemow2.th

*crow.mnsf - Mob NPC Editor
[LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc Moblb6.th

*.qst - Quest Editor
[LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc Questdi3.th

*skill.ssf - Skill Editor.
[LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc Skillzo0.th

For English Drop down Option. Download this comment.txt and put it to your glogic folder.

After editing those files you need to repack it back to there specific .rcc


Exp Table Editor
Exp Table Editor

HEX Editor
Freeware Hex Editor XVI32

RAN File Editor
Ran File Editor - Used to edit Ran Files ex. default.charclass, crowsale, etc.

NPC Talk and Quest
NPC talk and Quest - Filefront.com


Glogic.rcc file


Modified CW:
Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday & Sunday:
Modified boss drops...


Skill 167-237...
Scrolls @ college merchandiser...
Elemental episode 3 weapons on a gamble box...
Costume shop @ every campus with lot of items...
5H,1D,7D &30D revival rosary...
Nerfed Giant Hawk & Ultimate destroyer...
Level 300 exptable...
Modified default.charclass for high gold drops & experiece...
And a whole lot more!!...


glogicserver.rcc - FileFront.com

glogic.rcc - FileFront.com


Extra Files and Fixes

Oblivion Potions
If you have a problem looking for Oblis, Download the attachment, its an item.isf file.
itemisfoblivion.rar - FileFront.com
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[LINKS] Ran Server Glogic.rcc
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