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 No ASCII characters allowed

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No ASCII characters allowed Empty
PostSubject: No ASCII characters allowed   No ASCII characters allowed Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2007 9:07 pm

Just a quick and short reminder on posting stuff here in the forums.

Please DO NOT use any ASCII characters. ASCII characters are those entered by pressing ALT + a sequence of numbers. This is a forum restriction and it's natural. When the forum loads and a post is found out to contain an ASCII character, the forum will automatically crop the message.

So if upon posting you notice your post was cropped halfway, revise (edit) your post then delete the ASCII character.

Credit goes to GM Strycnine for spotting this forum restriction. Thank you very much and happy posting! ^__^


Contributed by cansitpantot:

Even without ALT+numpad combinations, posts may still be truncated with the wrong encoding if
- you are using an old IE version (like 5.0; because of its default settings)
- you have a foreign language pack installed (like a Japanese kanji IME) because it sometimes generates unicode characters.

To prevent post truncation, in Internet Explorer, click View -> Encoding.
Choose "Western European (Windows)" instead of "Western European (ISO)"
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No ASCII characters allowed
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